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Supply Chain Delivery Solutions

Optimizing a supply chain requires an end-to-end, integrated, and unified system of technology, processes and people. LFP Express Delivery works with clients by offering delivery services and solutions for optimizing their supply chain network.

Medical Supply Delivery

Healthcare and Medical Supply Delivery services include the enterprise-wide movement of physical materials, such as specimens, pharmaceuticals, supplies, print, mail, equipment, and more – contact our professionals to schedule your delivery today.

Janitorial Supply Delivery

Set up convenient automatic deliveries of those products you never want to run out of on your schedule. You can change the quantity and frequency of delivery or cancel at any time.

Hot-Shot Services for Parcel and Freight

If you need a same-day or time-critical delivery, LFP Express’s hot-shot shipping provides both ground expedited. Rates for hot-shot shipments are determined by how quickly you need your freight delivered, plus the nature of the freight, weight, distance, route and road conditions

Delivery Services for Texas

  • Supply Chain Delivery Solutions
  • Janitorial Supply Delivery
  • Hot-Shot Services for Parcel and Freight
  • Medical Supply Delivery